“we’ve got a decent reputation for your name”

Advertising networks luxury building esm&rasm

Why have the media and private media?

The following are a few explanations about it here:

Our reputation has media advertising network dedicated luxury buildings that have a strong presence in three separate spaces and influencing. The power that the outcome of experience, knowledge and hardware equipment and software in our collection.

The elegant and luxury brands advertising, aimed at keeping the flag of brand glow is the highest peak, peak power and that many can not even see it with the naked eye!

Pyramid is an appropriate model to express this concept in which case the upper apex of the pyramid is one of the essential places to raise the flag.

But the problem is that a lot of friends that are unresponsive or inattentive It is nice to see all the elementary and middle! And the value and role not care for it !!

While the position and strength of emotional connection with the customer and target market Luxury luxury brand takes root and is based on the same structure.

its necessary And converging media aligns with integrated management in all structures Given the importance and the level and structure of coatings cultural attitudes, awareness and .. done.

Certainly in line with the strategy to expand our network in the near future will be more specialized.

Luxury mainly superficial consumerism concept with two sick (by some critics) and money driven (apparent devotee) has been out of favor. We have the same problem In addition to his career in advertising in the media Luxury suite luxury building reputation, our concept of Luxury transparent and informative. Be sure to follow our articles on this topic in the blog .

certainly support the right of the industries with the highest turnover in the world devoted herself And in the whole world except Iran to the growth and prosperity for all segments of a society, An integral part of the professional activity of a luxury building reputation and famous actors and reputation building owners Luxury industry.

Share your invaluable started this relationship and our cooperation.

Esmorasm Luxury building is standing for Luxury industry reputation building owners.

The introduction of a luxury building media:

Social Networks ; Undoubtedly, today’s most popular media networks are the same, the world is going and most people choose to keep their smartphones and fans and enthusiasts brand.

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• Instagram

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Web : Luxury building site literally has the structure of a powerful database and classified portals professional users is That allows users to view the full benefit and logical thematic categories. The same search for viewers and audience targeted web space had a positive impact and is one hundred percent That makes all the search engine in the world, public information portal for the user to read and their results offer a luxury building site.

Luxury building the portal site in four professional categories with unique features and a dream That is for members to professionally manage. Meanwhile, the potential bilingualism luxury building site, the portal can also be used. And this in turn has a lot of value.

well-known manufacturer of fine buildings :

Your employers, mutual funds and builders of luxury as one of the most powerful executives Luxury building industry, Deserves to valuable and notable features in the web space. In luxury building sites portals informing you of all the tools and Beautiful views and graphical environments are influential and technical support benefits And manage your portal.

architects and architects fine buildings:

The scientific, artistic and economic determinants of the great architects of modern buildings and luxury you appreciate and deserve more media space to shine. Certainly not to any person, and we have the best facilities we have created.

3 ) Luxury brands:

Materials and services in the categories. 1) technological, 2) interior decoration or indoor 3) external decoration or out door .

4) luxurious and prestigious building projects:

The most complete luxury buildings and luxurious portal In several categories of residential, commercial, multi-purpose With full profile projects, including the name of the client, the architect, the situation of many important and interesting details along with a gallery of images and videos is our gift to you.

You can also sign up luxury building now get all of this exclusive privileges.

Printed luxury Journal

Published quarterly magazine distinct dimensions 30 * 30

design and professional design, elegant and professional

The circulation of 5,000 copies

Send VIP, targeted and selection for target groups with a focus on end user Luxury lifestyle and business print media

) Facilities

• industrial photographic studio:

Advertising photography

Lifestyle Photography

Architectural photography including photography and interior shots of the

• Graphic design studio

Design mark (logo) and written text (logo type)

character design

     Design billboards with new forms and ideas in outdoor advertising

     With respect to the notion of creating a slogan and advertising messages, media and the audience a message

     Visual identity and brand design organization (Brand Book)

      Design a set of specific paperwork

     Posters, catalogs and advertising brochures

     Layout and form of journals and periodicals

     Statuette design

Graphic design, web pages, web

    3D design

• Making Film & Animation

•Web design

• Intelligent and advanced robot design Telegram

• multimedia design

• Dedicated media production

In addition to classic media such as magazines and satellite channels and ..hr day event in the world of technology innovation takes place Code aware of the achievements in the advertising and marketing knowledge can be innovative achievements. The units are R & D teams ,That we, as the case and the results of the meetings with specific customers, if necessary, this process has completed And a new media or even the creation of our own.

Smart table, the new generation of three-dimensional holographic, AR and so on in this section are presented and promoted.

• consulting and brand management

Luxury brands or prestigious luxury brands as often in nature from birth, principles and on backing up valuable And at the peak of the market with low added value and excellent competitor and is in itself a legendary treasure.

Brand or they need to be seen there. Just place the horizons seen at different common brands,

We branding or branding your workgroup, using the expertise of experts, we can Your brand, especially to your target market in mind and ultimately, achieving the perfect result close to record our memories.

• think tank and ideas

If all the possibilities and potential of the advertising world, a distinction introduced the item, the room was thinking.If the ordering and use the brilliant victories And indeed any of the other tools without these items will be pretty typical. Based on customer relationship goals, develop innovative ideas that to implementation and transition concept in various media have

Some of the unit’s services include:

Determine the main ideas of communication

Choose slogan


Campaign Plan

The definition of character

Creating your logo and brand name

• Promotional Campaign

Ideal advertising campaign, a campaign has been full and dynamic scheduling That is until you’re in the market to move on to the three Bazarshnasy, the prompt of your mobile marketing strategy.

A major distinction not only in terms of the overall market and Luxury businesses and the general principles of advertising do not fit , But are sometimes at odds with each other !! This has led to the notion that advertising does not require activists Luxury Industry? !!

Quite the contrary, the continuous and powerful presence in this market requires a much more professional advertising and heavier at all levels. This not only means more financial investment! Just leave it to the experts.

Some of the unit’s services include:

Marketing and advertising goals

Determine branding strategies

Brand and product upgrade or modification status

Assessing and evaluating brand strength

People communication concept (Big Idea)

Strategy creation message (Message Strategy)

The analysis of competitors communication messages

Media planning and strategy

Determine and monitor the implementation of campaign content

(Slogan, script, graphic design, communication events, etc.)

Some of the unit’s services include:

  Determine marketing and promotional purposes

  Market research and data analysis

Select communication concept

  Determine and monitor the implementation of campaign content (scenarios, graphic design, communication events, etc.)

  Media planning and strategy

  Brand or amend the promotion of the brand

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