In the name of God the demiurge

The imposing columns of Persepolis still centuries after the ravages of time, beautiful, majestic and evokes the brilliance of Arts and Technology.
Industry Today, after more than 2,500 years of ancient glory still shines in the world.
Stone industry in Iran while in third place in the world is standing stone More than five thousand industrial units operating in the field of decorative stone and stone grace the Iranians massive tower in the world.
Luxury building stone industry relying on the scientific, industrial and many years of brilliant experience of its management team And having moral and material capital in local and international markets outside of Iran is a powerful and worthy.
Stone luxury building has a perfect organization in technical, commercial and quality control are And in various branches of the stone industry, with production Vfravry of stones, the most beautiful building stones from the quarry belonging to the group that includes, travertine spa, travertine marble fireplace Valley Meimeh, travertine marble Dizeie good measure, Crystal is Mazayen for industry building has brought our country Iran.
The company has different departments in selling stones in Iran, Exports and interior and exterior design and luxury buildings to provide services and products to our esteemed customers is quality.
The company’s sales experts always answer your technical questions and business customers in buying, export or are implementing construction projects.

Factory Address:, , luxury building stone industry, the beginning of the road Vavan, , km 20 Qom old road, Shurabad Abad
Office Address Unit 14 , No. 77, Ayatollah Kashani , second square of sadeghieh
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