Architecture and design studio of Luxury Building

When working with a professional team you expect to proceed with the utmost confidence and comfort, to your desired result.
Companies and groups of architectural and design; You may Sometimes, some of the features desired for a project design or not, These can include enough time, technical equipment and professional services, skilled manpower and strong implementation team and experienced at every level of planning and design to technical implementation of the project.
You can count on our team .
Contractors and executors of projects ; We can either work with you
1) You enter into a contract directly with our collaboration and design to construction projects (construction, modernization, design and decoration), we do.
2) Due to a powerful and classified directory and database architects, architects, consulting engineers and supervisors, builders, and enforcement teams .. You team fits the category and level of your working relationship we have.
Distinguished Alumni academic elite
You can also subscribe to luxury building site And that the observations of experts with required standards of professional status is obtained, .bdyhy Is not a member of our design team all projects before the final delivery, are controlled.

Among the features of the architecture and design studio Building Deluxe:
1) 3D animation of architectural design and construction of civil and industrial
2) rendering services
3) Renovation and interior decoration projects

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